Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I'm so over and BEEN over these damn Shemagh scarves, my first encounter with the fabric cloth was last year when my girlfriend brought one back from London. Now they are everywhere! And not just everywhere, but on everyone, including people they don't even belong on. I have a strong feeling most just throw it on to appear somewhat stylish (Negative) and cultured (Super Negative). Then, below we have the Ed Hardy poster boys, didn't Juelz learn when no one picked up his neatly folded and starched half up half down bandanna? I don't think he did. The slight "Homo Thug" look Dipset portrays is getting even more gaudy. So now not only are they wearing the 2006 played out bedazzled belts, and super tight shirts, they will also frolic in front of the camera with Louis Vuitton scarfs draped over their heads. What is this world coming to? Thank you complex.