Friday, December 14, 2007


Putting San Francisco on the dancehall map, what influenced you to blend grime,funk,hip-hop,and big beat all in one to produce the Ghost on Tape sound?

Don't forget about electro, booty bass, hyphy, disco, etc.. I guess its because I like so many different types of music that I can't really decide what I want to make so I just throw it all in there. I'm not really a purist when it comes to musical styles. Plus, if I decided to focus on just one thing, there would be like 8 million other producers who would be doing it better than me. So I just stick to doing my own thing and hope that people can get into it. Mixing up styles keeps things fun and exciting for me. And its funny that you say SF is on the dancehall map because theres like NO Jamaicans here (sadly).

As an artist on the Pish Posh of North America Label, do you feel the pressure to establish the states as an answer for the Euro Grime/Punk scene?

No, I love UK grime and it definately has some influence on me, but what I do is kinda different. I suppose that what I do could be considered like an American answer to grime because of the use of some similar rhythms and heavy helpings of bass, but I'm not consciously trying to do anything associated with UK/Euro grime.

Being a fan of outdated recording techniques, tell us what type of recording equipment do you use without giving away too many recipe secrets..

I've finally upgraded my recording methods to the 21st century, so I don't use the crappy Tascam 4-track so much these days. But up until not that long ago I didn't even have a computer so it left me quite limited in what I could do in the studio. Those limitations sort of helped shape my sound today, and thats where the name Ghosts on Tape came from. I really did record all my shit on tape up until like less than a year ago. I still produce all my tracks on hardware gear, and my entire set up is pretty ghetto. But I make it work for me.
After being featured on the Pish Posh compilation "Get The F Into It Vol 1" whats next for Ghost on Tape? Are you producing tracks for any other artists or do you see yourself as the one kid wonder?

I'm working on a EP for a UK label called Wireblock, and a full length album for Pish Posh. I also produced a track for SF rapper Buddy Leezle for his upcoming mixtape, and I'm gonna be producing some tracks for my homie, another sick local rapper named Half. I'm down to produce for other artists too but right now I've got a lot on my plate.

Also as a producer your sound is created with much versatility, is that one of your main focuses in the studio?

Yeah its mostly due to my inability to stay focused on making one particular style. I like to mix and match unlikely combos of music. I'll use a sample from an old industrial track and turn it into booty bass. Or sample disco and turn it into dancehall. Or sample reggae and turn it into techno. Ew, that kind of sounds bad, but trust me on this one, ok? It keeps things interesting and challenging for me. It also makes it seriously hard to describe when someone asks me what kind of music I make. I hate that I don't really have an answer for that.

Fashion wise, I see you got the "Mad Scientist" behind the decks style covered. Any streetwear brands you feeling right now?

Eh, I usually keeps it vintage 'cause I'm a classy muhfucka like that. Although I do like Wowch. And this brand out of Portland called Foyer.

I see that your label mates are other dope artists like House of Worship, Casey and Brian, and Lazer Sword. Does that atmosphere provide you with the competitive drive to make your sound that much doper?

Yeah, I'm actually roommates with the Lazer Sword dudes so we sort of feed off of each other. When they make a track, i'm like Oh, Snap, these dude are gonna get more famous than me, so I better make some hot fire tracks. Naw, I'm kidding (kind of). Its cool to be surrounded with folks doin' good thangs so its inspirational for sure. But I'm not trying to be better than those dudes. I'm trying to be better than EVERYONE. I'll let you know how that works out for me.

Who does Ghosts On Tape groove to?

Uh, hold on let me check my iTunes most recently played... Ok, I'm back. I've been grooving to: M.I.A., Broadcast, Lee "Scratch" Perry, The Twelves, Dj Deeon , Jess and Crabbe, Kraftwerk, Mantronix, UGK (RIP Pimp C), Madlib, Giorgio Moroder, J Dilla, Kavinsky, Klein & MBO, Three Six Mafia, the list could go on for a long time.

Lastly, any shot-outs or big ups you want to put out there for the folks not hip to the San Franthizzco scene?

I think we mentioned most of the folks already. Watch out for the Lazer Swordsmens solo projects, Lowest Layer and Lando Kal. Hours of Worship, ATAK/Futuristic Prince, Buddy Leez, Half, these are the dudes I gets down with. This town is overflowing with talented heads so muhfuckas better reconize real soon.