Friday, November 30, 2007


How do you feel about hip hop as a whole today?
I feel like the industry is fucking it up. They're worried about numbers instead of quality and the people want quality. When you bring them quality, they will give you your numbers...Trust me.

What direction do you think it's taking or should be heading?
I mean its going in a good direction. People dont see the good thats coming. They just see the bad thats happening.

How do you think collabing with techo-glam artist like M.I.A will help diversify the industry?
It will show that today's music is about breaking music barriers. I love rapping over all types of shit. If its hot, its hot period.point.blank

So how did you get your start? Why did you decide it would be a good idea to start being a rapper?
I always loved rap music, but after I saw Kriss Kross I was like "Oh shit I can do this too".

Where are you originally from?
Atlanta, Georgia.

When did rhyming become a career for you? What other artists have you worked with - big and small - and can you tell us about some of the upcoming work you'll be working on or featured in?

Rhyming became a career just recently, I definately had to work a 9-5. Where as now its all MUSIC. I have worked with Million Dollar MANO, DJ Drama, Hollywood Holt, Mic Terror, Doc From Black Corners, Willie Tha Kid, EMB. I have worked with alot of people and in the next few months Im moving to NYC, so Im gonna be EVERYWHERE soon.

What is your favorite Donnis record? Who would you like to record with in the future?

My favorite Donnis record has to be a joint called 'Somebody's Church'. My favorite Donnis party joint is 'Backseat'. Because who doesnt like to take it to the backseat?....I would love to work with Andre 3000 especially as a producer, hes insane!

What goes through your mind on the stage?
Partying and having a good time... When Im on stage its like Im partying by myself. I want you to see me, look at your friend next to you, and party harder than I am.

What else do you do when you aren't in the studio?
Hobbies, work, friends...all that... Im relaxing because with the music comes the parties and stuff. So when Im not doing that Im just relaxing, cooking, or trying to see a movie.

Who's music have you been rocking lately?
I stick to classic stuff. I hate the radio, Im all about Outkast, John Mayer, Kanye, Micheal Jackson, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, White Stripes and of course me and my boys.

Any tour stories you can tell CircaRoyale about?
Me and DJ Million Dollar MANO, love Japan. We love Asian women and Asian culture, for now I will just leave it as that. We're going to China and Norway soon, when I get an awesome story I'll tell you. LOL!

Do you have any specific inspirations, mentors, or anything like that you'd like to talk about?
Life inspires me. Music is life, I just take from my life and go.

Any shout-outs or namedrops?

Here's your chance... Space Club, Murder Club, Phedz, ATL, Worldwide, Hassan Smith, EMG, CIRCA, EMB, BMF, Carla Jean, and everybody who loves Donnis!!!