Friday, November 16, 2007


Former Graffiti head turned contemporary artist Ellis Gallagher blends both street and fine art with true fluency. This Brooklyn New York native captures the beauty of street city life through chalk. His chalk creations dubbed “Shadow Art” can be experienced from Manhattan to Brooklyn and anywhere in between. Only 34, Ellis has appeared on the cover of Time Out New York, in the New York Daily News, The New York Times, New York Magazine, and The Brooklyn Paper just to name a few.Ellis got his start writing graffiti over 25 years ago. Back in the day, you could have caught him “hittin up” New York's train tunnels, walls and other public spaces. Today however, his focus has shifted to art galleries where there are less law consequences. In fact, Ellis is currently looking for Art Representation for gallery work. His next project includes a group show at the Ad Hoc Art Gallery in December 2007. This exhibition called "Behind The Seen" emphasizes on those artists who go beyond the limit of street art. Also check for our boy Ellis, at Art Basel, Miami Beach. The dates are 6-9 December 2007. There his work will be on display along with other contemporary artists selected from over 200 art galleries around the world. The true "Ocular Echoist" Ellis, is gradually transcending beyond the norm. "Everybody is doing the same thing. Putting graff writing on T-shirts,belts,hats, and sneakers. I want to extend beyond that, rock some new shit. High end housewares, plates, duvee covers,and pillows." His aim is to solidify his name on the contemporary art scene. Look for him in the new future gracing the walls at the Brooklyn Museum.The transition from graff writing to shadow art occured from two major tramatic events in his life.Shadow art began from a mugging outside of his home. "I got robbed in front of my crib with a machete. All I could think about afterwards was the guys shadow." So one day walking home from his waitressing job with the chalk in his pockets from writing menu boards, shadow art began. "I would outline shadows from stop signs,parking meters, vehicles,fire hydrants you name it." He fell in love with its contrast and years later he still finds the art mystifying.Street graffiti writing was over for Ellis when his friend died while bombing the F-train tunnel between Bergen and Carroll Street. "When my homie died, it made me take a step back and question what was I really doing this for." He still stays true to his graffiti roots by incorporating its essence on everything he now produces. Whether its on canvas, wood, metal, or found objects.The contemporary artist is also working on a book called "Adhesives". It is comprised of graffiti /street art on stickers. No release date has been set, but we are sure that when it drops its going to be major! His inspiration is drawn from the city of New York. "I am inspired by the people of New York, its culture and its landscape". Lastly dont forget to check for his 45 album paintings at This boy is MAJOR.. An official CircaRoyale EXCLUSIVE!!