Friday, November 30, 2007


How do you feel about hip hop as a whole today?
I feel like the industry is fucking it up. They're worried about numbers instead of quality and the people want quality. When you bring them quality, they will give you your numbers...Trust me.

What direction do you think it's taking or should be heading?
I mean its going in a good direction. People dont see the good thats coming. They just see the bad thats happening.

How do you think collabing with techo-glam artist like M.I.A will help diversify the industry?
It will show that today's music is about breaking music barriers. I love rapping over all types of shit. If its hot, its hot period.point.blank

So how did you get your start? Why did you decide it would be a good idea to start being a rapper?
I always loved rap music, but after I saw Kriss Kross I was like "Oh shit I can do this too".

Where are you originally from?
Atlanta, Georgia.

When did rhyming become a career for you? What other artists have you worked with - big and small - and can you tell us about some of the upcoming work you'll be working on or featured in?

Rhyming became a career just recently, I definately had to work a 9-5. Where as now its all MUSIC. I have worked with Million Dollar MANO, DJ Drama, Hollywood Holt, Mic Terror, Doc From Black Corners, Willie Tha Kid, EMB. I have worked with alot of people and in the next few months Im moving to NYC, so Im gonna be EVERYWHERE soon.

What is your favorite Donnis record? Who would you like to record with in the future?

My favorite Donnis record has to be a joint called 'Somebody's Church'. My favorite Donnis party joint is 'Backseat'. Because who doesnt like to take it to the backseat?....I would love to work with Andre 3000 especially as a producer, hes insane!

What goes through your mind on the stage?
Partying and having a good time... When Im on stage its like Im partying by myself. I want you to see me, look at your friend next to you, and party harder than I am.

What else do you do when you aren't in the studio?
Hobbies, work, friends...all that... Im relaxing because with the music comes the parties and stuff. So when Im not doing that Im just relaxing, cooking, or trying to see a movie.

Who's music have you been rocking lately?
I stick to classic stuff. I hate the radio, Im all about Outkast, John Mayer, Kanye, Micheal Jackson, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, White Stripes and of course me and my boys.

Any tour stories you can tell CircaRoyale about?
Me and DJ Million Dollar MANO, love Japan. We love Asian women and Asian culture, for now I will just leave it as that. We're going to China and Norway soon, when I get an awesome story I'll tell you. LOL!

Do you have any specific inspirations, mentors, or anything like that you'd like to talk about?
Life inspires me. Music is life, I just take from my life and go.

Any shout-outs or namedrops?

Here's your chance... Space Club, Murder Club, Phedz, ATL, Worldwide, Hassan Smith, EMG, CIRCA, EMB, BMF, Carla Jean, and everybody who loves Donnis!!!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

UBIQ Japan is dropping a special run of its popular GRACE sneakers in flannel print. Tis' the season to reflect the holiday spirit! The flannel is decorated in the traditional plaid patterns. Set to release middle of next month, you can pre-order your own pair at FLAUGE.

All I can say about Thousand Reasons is "I'm In Love". The Australian based neo glow label mastermind flattering collections, which pop and rock. Their pieces are full of Vibrant colors, funky designs and tight seams. Most of their stock list is oceans away but they are worth checking out. Though this year is full of FLASH, theirs stands out and is casually suiting.

If you've been strolling downtown NYC’s mini Times Square you may have come across what appears to be a vandalized Calvin Klein billboard. However it's not vandalism at all, the massacre of pink paint over the distressed models represents a collaboration between Calvin, the New Museum, and Droga 5. Not the work of a rookie tagger. This collab should be interesting.

Nike has added a cosmetic touch to the Air structure Retros, which are scheduled for release next year. Mostly releasing in the usual ‘92 color ups, Nike has added unique patterns such as “rain camo” or the geometric pattern shown on the shoe to the right. The light blue, charco-gray and red swoop is highly anticipated , look for these starting Spring of 08'.

I was walking down La Brea Blvd. on a Monday afternoon and was asked to complete a survey as I exited UNION (Street brand store). Dude told me it was for JORDAN, the label is restructuring its brand to suite their consumer, and as shown above they're doing a pretty good job. They have a long list of new apparel which can be purchased on Eastbay.

London based shoe label Double Identity create some of the most amazing shoes we’ve seen to date. Their collections are very distinctive, produced with good quality, and very reasonable prices. Designer Johnny Tsiattalou mixes a Euro punk and sport influence feel into his trademark leather sneakers. Everything from Hi and mid top styles to loafers, every piece is tasteful and stylish. When you checkout the site, you can also play around with the face (Took me awhile to realize that myself).

Bringing them to you first! Take a look at the inaugural pair of Nike Air Force 1 "So Cal" with 8 carats of champagne diamonds from India, valued at almost $50,000. Outkasts' Big Boi was given the first pair of these kicks by Atlanta based company Laced Up. The launch party was Tuesday night held by Solitaire Kicks in Atlanta GA. NICE!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

CROOKS! Crooks & Castles has releases their winter beanies for $35, available at ATMOS Tokyo

Shepard Fairey brings his latest creative dimensions to LA next Saturday when his new show, “Imperfect Union,” opens at Hollywood’s MERRY KARNOWSKY GALLERY. Mr. Fairey is doing it big in London right now as well. His most recent exhibition on London's East End at Stolen Space received rave reviews.

Merry Karnowsky Gallery

170 S. LaBreaLos Angeles, Ca 90036

WK INTERACT gave a sneek peek of the installation process for his upcoming show, “The Trail” at Brooklyn’s ESPEIS ARCHETYPE gallery, opening Friday, November 30th. This will be the French saboteur’s largest show in New York to date by himself and a wide array of large-scale paintings, skateboard sculptures, and a customized speed bike are sure to bring some noise.

Espeis Archetype Gallery 90 Wythe Avenue
(at N. 11th street)
Williamsburg, Brooklyn
New York, NY 11211



From Raf Simon to Jeremy Scott, Cassette, Material Boy, Kim Jones and many others, Seven New York sales it all. They have so many hot items you'll be stuck on the site for hours and broke before you get up from your computer chair.

Since leggings are hot items on every girl or womens shopping list, here are a few more to consider adding to your collection (If you don't already have them). Thank you worship Worthy!

You don't hear much about the "personal media players" anymore now that iPods are in the picture, but they are still around and kicking. Archos has designed a gagdet that has a 160-gig incarnation, and twice as capacious as the top-shelf iPod. The 705 WiFi has a seven-inch touchscreen (double the size of the screen on the iPod Touch) plus a virtual QWERTY keyboard, full HTML browser, and even a home DVR. There's also a built-in kickstand, which will be greatly appreciated given the device's 22-ounce curb weight. Archos 705 WiFi is available for preorder now, 60GB $399.99, 160GB $499.99.

Probably the fastest growing sneaker in the market right now, next to Creative Recreation. Supra's dropping new designs like Vans release colors. You've all seen the 14Ks which will be released this upcoming week, but don't sleep on the subtle Denim. You can cope both pair on the site direct for about $99.

The BBC Ice Cream Store opened yesterday in NYC a little late to a long line of fans, Pharrell, Jay Z and Nigo. The store will be closed Wednesday but will be open every day Noon to 7pm.

Billionaire Boys Club / Ice Cream
New York456 West Broadway
New York, NY 10012

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

KARMALOOP TV Has Officially Launched!

MEGA online streetwear website Karmaloop which carry over 150 brands, sell in over 35 countries and entertaining over 2 million visitors monthly, has launched its newest creation KarmaloopTV.

KarmaloopTV is the first online channel releasing an in-depth look into global street culture. The new site features exclusive interviews with designers, brands, artists, musicians and others relevant to the streetwear lifestyle. KarmaloopTV is maintaining film crews in NY and LA while also traveling all over the globe to shoot footage.
They're bringing everything from an interview with Jonas Bevacqua of LRG – one of Fortune 500’s fastest growing companies, to a glimpse into the life of legendary graffiti artist Slick of Dissizit. Viewers can see hip-hop artist Bun B of UGK and Steve Aoki, world-renowned Electro DJ and Entrepreneur, along with streetwear icons like Obey Giant founder and artist Shepard Fairey, hip-hop pioneer and fashion power player Russell Simmons, and multi-platinum producer DJ Muggs of Cypress Hill all giving KarmaloopTV an exclusive look into the global streetwear community.
Complex Magazine; Smashtime Radio DJ, Producer and E! Entertainment music correspondent Clinton Sparks; Rob Heppler of Hypebeast and DUB Magazine; and, the world’s premier site for indie and progressive hip-hop, will all have regular on-going segments.


A film worth seeing "I'm Not There" a biopic of legendary musical artist Bob Dylan, played by 6 different actors. Christian Bale, Cate Blanchett, Marcus Carl Franklin, Richard Gere, Heath Ledger, and Ben Whishaw all portray the folk-music legend at different points in his life. Don't miss it on Big Screen playing at the Film Forum in New York, and the Archlight in Los Angeles. Check local listings for screening in your neighborhood.

Asic has been releasing FIRE lately. Checkout these Asics Gel Lyte III, available at Kick Back Berlin. Another online shoe store to bookmark. They drop many other sneakers as well like NIKE, VANS, New Balances, all the styles to keep you casually loud.

Tired of scratching your ipod? Tired of the ugly plastic casing? Have no fear friend, Shimura is releasing this full metal ipod jacket that will secure your screen and body from any fall! It ships direct from Japan for around ¥17,900 (about $165).

With a design philosophy that 'menswear can be exciting, colorful and handsome,' it's no wonder the design duo behind label Duckie Brown are being noticed in a big way. New York based designers Steven Cox and Daniel Silver make up the duo. They bring load colors and golden sheer to mens fashion, check out their spring 08' lookbook and runway shows.

The San Francisco skate shop HUF founded by Keith Hufnagel is dropping a new series of New Era 59Fifty Fitted Caps, made with satin material. The caps are available in five colours.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Here are samples of Orisue's holiday collection. They are stepping it up this season with a more trendy mature look. Founded in 2005 the label continues to drop premium T-shirts, cut-and-sewn crew sweaters, cut-and-sewn full-zip hoodies, and fitted hats. Hit the site and preview their entire look book.

Most Americans have yet to get a taste of Sony's Rolly speakerbot, we may finally see it roll our way sometime next year according to company prez Stan Glasgow. Japan is already getting its first special edition of the lively MP3 player. Christmas Rolly -- on sale immediately for ¥41,800 ($380) and ships December 19th.

Sneak peek at the SupremexNike Collab

Kings of denim Levi, and you already know the deal Nike Jordan Brand are joining forces. They announced a partnership today that will yield a limited-edition set of jeans, sneakers and a T-shirt. The co-branded collection, called 23/501, will have a run of just 2,323 kits (23 was Michael Jordan’s basketball jersey number), each of which will include a pair of Levi’s 501 jeans, an Air Jordan Retro 1 style sneaker and a brushed cotton T-shirt featuring a graphic mix of both brand’s iconic imagery. The release date is set for March 1, they will incorporate details from both Levi's and Jordan into each piece within the 23/501 collaboration.

They're making a comeback (You heard it here first). The briefcase is re-introducing itself this fall, and will surely be seen everywhere by mid Spring. Not only by wallstreet, but trendy downtown hipsters are spicing the case up and clutching them around. Thom Browne has designed this Swarovski crystal-enhanced version for fall, which will not be released, but you get our angle.

NY based label VANE is dishing pretty nice cut and sew. The double sided design adds extra flavor to their sweaters. They kick hoodies, caps, scarves, and tee's for both guys and girls. Cope what you can while you can because their product is dropped in limited editions. If you're in New York you can pick up pieces of their collection from Union, Reed Space, Caravan, and Brooklyn Circus.

Japanese mega labal Burton is making a killing in Japan. They have produced a line incorperating much of Warhols artwork that is amazing, and impressive. A collection of two jackets and a series of luggage is available now at STLESS.

Friday, November 23, 2007


First, we'd just like to say what a pleasure it is to conduct this interview, mad kudos to Karmaloop and all the amazing success over these past few years . . .
Thank You!

So let's get this interview kicked off . . .

Besides the endless need to dress fresh and the chance to receive FREE clothing from multiple labels, what really made you say, "I think I'm going to start selling online"? Not only selling, but selling strictly underground brands?
I just saw a need for Streetwear, which indecently will always be a genre type, even if it isn’t called streetwear in the future. Streetwear had a huge amount of visibility culturally with a certain group and a following that was not all concentrated in areas that had boutiques. It was a simple case of supply and demand, the demand was there but the supply was hard to get. I knew the Internet would change all that even if it didn’t happen right away. It did take a little longer than we thought it would but now we sell just as much if not more clothing in major cities like NY or London because buying online is the preferred method of shopping by our generation and the younger cats coming up. People in University, people working long hour’s …lots of people shop online at work.don’t get caught by your boss!

How did the venture start? With no outside investment and starting so young, where did you get the financing and guidance to structure the idea?
I had to rob a lot of convenience stores..nah it was very tough and we struggled for a longtime, maxing out credit cards. I borrowed a lot of money from friends and family. My girl was working so she supported us. The original office and warehouse was my parent’s basement so that helped a lot with overhead. I had no business experience or retail experience so I basically knew that I didn’t know sh!t, I was able to get older more experienced people to basically mentor me and I learned as I went along. I kept extending myself, getting deeper in debt. I invested all the money I had and then looked to my family and friends. My Dad invested, cousins, friends, and friends of friends so I just set out in my mind that failure was not an option. If we had gone under I would have had a mob calling for my head.

The online mega store jumped off in a period when street wear wasn't what it is today. Who were some of the first labels you worked with? And how did you feel about venturing into a market that hadn't receiving much hype?
We started with Triple Five Soul, Gypsies And Thieves (GAT - which turned into Green Apple Tree, a brand we no longer carry), Spiewak (which we are still selling), CAT (a lot of people don’t know but CAT work wear had an ill fashion brand but they dreaded it for some reason), last but not least Caffeine (you had to be on something to have worn those.)

2005 you opened a store in Boston, what made you branch out into retail? And are there plans of opening any other locations?
We actually opened the store in 2005. Like most things we do we didn’t give it a lot of thought we just did it. I was just walking down the street and I was like “lets open a store.” Boston is our hometown so it is like our headquarter hangout, we have a lot of parties there. You can see some of the pictures of them on We are about to totally renovate it after December. No plans right now on opening anymore. We are focusing our energy on Karmaloop TV, which is launching Nov 26th. It is out of control. Karmaloop TV is an on-line channel dedicated to global future culture, fashion, art, and music. The site features all original content produced in house by Karmaloop TV. The site will have unique programming, in-depth interviews, behind the scenes pieces, and other exciting coverage of events and street culture from all over the world. Some of the personalities signed on to be regulars on Karmaloop TV include: Moonshine of the Beatnuts, Travis McCoy of Gym Class Heroes, world famous DJ and E! Channel regular Clinton Sparks, and Rob Heppler of Hypebeast and Dub Magazine. Regular Karmaloop TV partners include: Missbehave Magazine, Complex Magazine and Underground Hip-Hop .com. A small sampling of celebrities or events that have already been filmed and will be featured on Karmaloop TV: DMC of Run-DMC, Roxy Oxycottontail, Gym Class Heroes, Kenna, Slum Village, Kevin Michaels, Talib Kweli, Pro Skater Amy Gunther, Greger Hagelin CEO of WeSC, Actor Jason Lee, 7th Letter Crew, Little John, Scion Art Installation Tour, Jonas Bevaqua Founder of LRG, Visual Artist Shepard Fairey, Mighty Healthy, Cut and Paste Show, Russell Simmons, Hieroglyphics, Nick Cannon, and DJ Steve Aoki.We are estimating conservatively that Karmaloop TV will receive 1 million unique visitors a month and roughly 3 million impressions a month in the first few months after the launch.

Many people are concerned with the state of street wear, the subculture being somewhat watered down. With every other kid taking a fruit of the Loom Tee, slapping a colorful design with a funky name on it, and calling it street. What is your mentality when considering dropping a new label on KARMALOOP?
First of all, I think it is dope that technology has made it possible for lots of people to make their own designs and clothing; it has leveled the playing field. Think of the alternative huge monolithic retailers like Gap, Abercrombie, and The Limited controlling the whole market, offering little choice, no creativity and making everyone look the same, that is still the norm for a lot of people. That being said, there is also a lot of shit out there along with the good stuff, but I would rather it be that way than just all shit which is not hard to imagine as the alternative. We started the Karmaloop Kazbah, which is the site for up and coming smaller indie brands on Karmaloop. We have about 45 to give the people making clothing in their loft or just starting out the opportunity to get their stuff out to a larger audience. But we don’t just let anyone sell their stuff on the Kazbah only about 3% of all the brands who apply to be on the Kazbah get picked so that is one way to weed out the watered down stuff and pick out the gems.

The site has recently received hype from artist like Kanye West, Questlove, and snatched the Dig This Award for "Best Urban Street wear Store". Do you think that getting your consumers so adequately involved with features like The Kazbah, online questionnaires, allowing customers to model your product, and using them as promotional reps contributes to a large percentage of Karmaloops success?
Def cool to get recognition. Yeah, Kanye is our man he always comes by and says what’s up when he is in the Bean. We are proud he called Karmaloop one of his favorite stores. He shops in the store and on the website. Quest, Jason Lee, Robin Williams, Kevin Garnett all sorts of cats. But all of our customers are equally important and we don’t front like other stores I think we are real with our customers and they respect that. We screw up just like anyone and when we do we are honest and go above and beyond to make it right. I talk directly to my own customers. They can get at me if there is any issues that they think haven’t been addressed by customer service. We constantly remind our customer service people how much we want to be on point and respond to our customers. The brands we have are a result of customers asking for them. Our customers are models, marketers, and half our employees started out as customers. I believe it hasn’t just been a huge part of our success it is the reason for our success … the Karmaloop family is global.

Karmaloop is currently collabing with fellow blog HighSnobiety in the "Give-Away a day" venture, any more collaborations in works?
We are doing a ton of clothing and sneaker collabs with brands like Grey One, Reebok, Puma, my man Irv and Major Threat, Ray and Mighty Healthy, Rusty and SSUR, WeSC and Greger Van Haglen. It is a long list. We are super tight on a personal and professional level with our brands..even though most of the people mentioned above are in jail.

Describe your personal style? And favorite label right now?
I like cleaner lines. Fresh kicks of course. Right now I’m into muted tones and lots of blacks but bam I will hit ya with a flash of color when you least expect it. I would say you could call my style Neo-Ninja Disco Workwear Chic. I can’t say my favorite labels I don’t want 80 angry calls…

Lastly, who's in your Ipod?
This is what I have been listening to lately:

Clinton Sparks & Kardinal Offishall do the right thing mixtape

Kanye West

DJ Jayceeoh and on and on, Masters Volume 1

New Young Pony Club

Jungle Brothers/ Quest/Black Sheep…Native Tongue




Dresden Dolls


Teriyaki Boyz

Flosstradamus and Kid Sis

Ohio Players

Spank Rock

Mark Ronson



Dilated People

Daft Punk

Cut Chemist

Kevin Michaels

Wil I am

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

WeSC is having their second installment of “Giving Thanks,” A Backyard Affair. Featuring classic material from Wesc and a collection of Scandinavian Eyewear. All at warehouse prices, for only 3 days. So put the turkey down and jump on this HOT sale!

144 S. Robertson Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA. 90048

10AM - 8PM Fri.-Sat.
10AM - 6PM Sun.

This Atlanta boutique is putting their Sneaker game on the Map!! Check the Steez ... Laced UP's sneaker collection boasts limited edition kicks from the likes of Le coq Sportif, Gola, Adidas, Ben Sherman and more. Coming real soon is a sneaker so 'Iced Out' not even Circa is ready for it!! Check back soon for the DROP from this sneaker line.

One Hundred lucky MTV Music Award fans in Munich walked away with these bad boys. The full package included the Dunk, a Be True tee and a Dunk Hoody. See more shots at Dunkbar.

Keep introduces their very first hi top. Inspired by an outing with writer, world traveller and raconteur Gigi Guerra, they created a shoe as sleek and slick as the lady herself. 100% cotton canvas with wool herringbone or corduroy detail. Molded rubber sole.

Michigan based label Vividbraille has been kicking strong for 3 years. Creative director Brock Willsey aims to merge fashion, design and thought, referring to his brand as “Metaphoric and intelligent”. Their stock lists both men and women; consist of Tee’s, fitted hoodies, and other detailed assorted shirts with vibrant color. You can view their entire collection on their site.

MPIO's slick MG200 is making waves again thanks to the price tag and release date. It features a 128 x 128 resolution OLED display, FM tuner, a voice recorder, rechargeable good for 4-hours or so (audio / video playback) and support for WMA, MP3, and MTV file formats. 1GB and 2GB versions will both land on December 1st for ¥7,980 ($72) and ¥9,980 ($90), while the 4GB unit will arrive sometime before the year's end for ¥12,980 ($118).

shaVA diligently fuses art and style into what they call shaVA (shay-vee-aye). Using the classic VANS they produce urban art, as a means to promote individuality. Their portfolio ranges from fashion shows for Shmack Clothing, Johnny Cupcakes, prim3, Jazze Pha, Gym class heroes, and the list goes on. The hand crafted work is a master that they have in fact mastered. All kicks custom and unique, these are the kicks you push someone for stepping on. To see more of the shaVA collection hit their myspace direct.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Karmaloop is partnering with Kaboodle to give you an opportunity to win all the merchandise your heart desires. Just hit up Wish A Day and create an account. Make a list of all the fresh Karmaloop things you want and you’ll have a chance of receiving some if not ALL of the things on your wish list. Karmaloop is granting $2000 in wishes, meaning 4 winners will receive $500 gift certificates toward their wish list. The more Karmaloop items added to your list the better your chances of winning are!
They’ve got a little bit of something for everybody. For the ladies hot denim from Cheap Monday and fresh bombers from MadeMe! For the gentleman slick Obey t-shirts and the Mighty Healthy and Karmaloop limited edition hoodies are here! Not to mention all the styling jewelry and kicks! You can stock your closet, or get all your Christmas shopping out the way!

Here's the cover for Kanye's GQ Man Of The Year Award. The issue hits stores nationwide on November 27. In other news, it is confirmed that today Mr. West along with numerous family members and friends will lay Dr. Donda West to rest at her funeral in Oklahoma City. Our heart felt prayers go out to the West family.

Looking to stay warm this year? It's freezing outside! Here's a bubble to cope. Japanese brand Affa released a new down jacket as part of their Fall/Winter 07 collection. The mid-bubble has been dropped in four colorways with diamond patterns running all around. This piece and the other colors are available now on the Honeyee online store, many are already SOLD OUT so hurry!

Might Healthy has joined the online mega store Karmaloop, and will be dropping their Holiday 07 collection on the site. To celebrate Mighty Healthy and Karmaloop have collabed to bring you the Ceelo Champ Hoody. It's detailed, printed, patched and embroidered, all the ingrediants needed to make a hoody dope. It will be available on Karmaloop as soon as today.

UK based Kuyichi which was established in 2001 is a style conscious jeans brand, who introduce organic cotton and a fair trade jeans wear. Their purpose is to be set apart with a style that’s strong, sexy and provocative. The labels philosophy is "It is what we call Style Conscious.A conscious approach is more real to us. Being fair. Being real." Run through their collection and available stock list.

Nike and Foot Locker have come together to open their newest concept store House of Hoops. The space captures all essence of the game and even has a hardwood half court with backboard. Anything made by Nike for hooping can be purchased here, and for the neck scratching collectors every three weeks they will release exclusive limited edition products.

House of Hoops
268 West 125th Street
New York, NY 10027