Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Leah from MOB w/Fafi & Uffie

Monday, March 17, 2008

My future, Agyness Deyn was discovered serving in a Fish' n' Chip shop in Lancashire, England. With that being said, the UKs hard-hitting Daily Mirror is taking the next step and having a nationwide search for "England's sexiest chip girl"! No BS. What will you win? I'm not quite sure, however you can click here for contest details.

Lets watch David Banner Rock the fuck out! And do a tribute to Pimp C. This video is damn right hilarious for many reasons. One being there are guitars, two the entire crowd is white and I'm pretty sure they're more excited about the rush they're getting from FEAR then his song, four I doubt any of them even knew who Pimp C was. Wait until you see the nipple flick, shit's amazing.

Why? Only the Vogue in America would have this cover. Next I'd like to see Tom Ford on the cover of Slam.

Chanel had an opening party in Hong Kong for its Mobile Art Container, the works consisted of a collaboration between Karl Lagerfeld, Zaha Hadid, and artist Sophia Calle, Stephen Shore, Yoko Ono (YES YOKO) and the Like, who used the house's signature quilted bag as their inspiration. The space craft along with its cadets will tour major world cities until 2010, the first being Hong Kong, Tokyo, New York, London, Moscow, and Paris.

After hitting a homerun with the Running Kabutomushi Tech Pack Nike decided to drop the 2nd running Tech Pack, which are suppose to offer a better running experience. This Spider Air Max 1 features a mesh toe instead of leather, plus a nubuck tongue. They are available at the one and only Kix - Files, with a price tag ranging from $200 - $220.

Any questions?

Can't stop the Crooks! New Fitted caps over at In4mation.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

THIS IS AMAZING! Dell has dropped this new flat panel which features a 20" wide screen and HD. Kudos to Dell, show MAC PC's are still in the game.

Teriyaki Boyz - Zock On! ft. Pharrell & Busta Rhymes

This type of shit should be illegal, I mean I understand Japan is on the rise but it has to stop somewhere, and I think we've found it. We'll box the song, band, and ALL of the band members, we guess the video can stay.

So you already know what this means right? Stop, think about it. The most anticipated street wear Spring / Summer 2008 collection has officially dropped. The new line for supreme is available at Firmanent, you can cope all the new pieces and accessories.

Citizen Independent has put another dope watch on our radar. The ITX21-5014 is not a typical piece for Citizen, who is mostly known for their very conventional designs. It features edge to edge glass with no rim (full face), lightly smoked glass, and INDEPENDENT ingraved into the side of the watch. The good thing about this drop is TokyoFlash has it in stock! It runs for about $226 US, €145.18, ¥22,900, got it? Good.

Here is an interesting label to checkout, Chronicles of Never Is a brand from Australia that design clothing, jewellery and shoes. They are pretty much all throughout the country, if you're in the states you might want to hit up American Rag, if you prefer online checkout PitBull Mansion or MyCatWalk.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Nike has really been sleeping on my Blazer series this year, putting most of their focus on the everydamnwhere Dunks. Aside from my rant, Nike has dropped a new women's High model which features a patent leather Raspberry Cream swoosh on top of a solid White leather upper. The combo is extremely simplistic, giving the sneakers the "Don't step on my kicks" touch.They're available now in select stores.

Casio brought back this digital time piece the Retro Data Bank Watch, which still feature much of the same look it did back in the early 80's. It comes in brushed steel-finish, with a calculator key-pad, alarm functions and dual time. The watch is available at ASOS, and you know I'm all over it! Too bad they're all sold out.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Watch the fuck out SoleBox, Kix-Files is taking over! They seem to have ALL the kicks I don't see anywhere else. These sneakers are the product of a new collaboration between Adidas, Hong Kong's toy brand Threezero, and toys designer Eric So. They revamped the Gilbert Arenas signature shoes, and smacked another name on them "Lightswitch Gil". The shoes can only be found in Hong Kong which is limited to 300 pair, and some retailers in the States.

Crystal Castles. See what it taste like! I think this is just a fancy way of letting everyone know their album drops on the 18th, what are your thoughts?

Here is a look at Cheap Mondays Autumn / Winter 2008 collection. I honestly did not know they produced clothing as well, I thought they were strictly denim or whatever material you'd like to call that. I'm not floored by the collection, but then again, the only thing that moved me about their jeans was the price tag. You can watch the runway show here.

We have seen London, New York, Paris, Hong Kong, and Los Angeles, now here is a look at the San Paulo version of the Dunk Hi ‘Be True’ City Series. Nike is having a giveaway where ten lucky folks can win a pair, aside from that there will only be 86 pair produced. They've also created a website where you can find out more about the sneaker, the city series, and all that goodness.

Artist Insa and women's streetwear label Hellz Bellz collabed on these pair of denim. The pants feature his work on the brand tag, and also on the inner flap of the jeans. I am kind of confused as to how they work, I'm thinking the flap is suppose to hang. Hit the Hellz Bellz site for distributing locations.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

MHI is a streetwear brand from London, each season they collab with other designers, artist, musicians, and labels to produce their collections. Their Spring / Summer 2008 theme titled “No Future”, grabs inspiration from dystopian pop culture classics like Metropolis, 1984 and Soylent Green. You can see many of the pieces, which are available for puchase, at Mashmarket.


I'm so over and BEEN over these damn Shemagh scarves, my first encounter with the fabric cloth was last year when my girlfriend brought one back from London. Now they are everywhere! And not just everywhere, but on everyone, including people they don't even belong on. I have a strong feeling most just throw it on to appear somewhat stylish (Negative) and cultured (Super Negative). Then, below we have the Ed Hardy poster boys, didn't Juelz learn when no one picked up his neatly folded and starched half up half down bandanna? I don't think he did. The slight "Homo Thug" look Dipset portrays is getting even more gaudy. So now not only are they wearing the 2006 played out bedazzled belts, and super tight shirts, they will also frolic in front of the camera with Louis Vuitton scarfs draped over their heads. What is this world coming to? Thank you complex.

Ask yourself this, when was the last time you've actual seen someone wearing a pair of New Balances? I mean, I do truly need a new pair of sneakers for the gym. New Balance is scheduled to drop a Spy vs. Spy inspired version of the MT580 sneaker in April. The classic 1961 Comic strip inspired shoe will come in two colors, black and white (As if it weren't commonsense) with each featuring a striped lining on the tongue. The black shoe will feature a red embroidered bomb on the heel, while the white a stick of dynamite. The BIG release date is set for April 3rd in Japan, and available for pre-order at mita sneakers for those who live in Japan. That's just a shady deal all around right? Leave out all the rest of us.

Penfield will drop these colorful zip - ups as part of their spring/summer line. The series come in five different colors, and are expected to arrive in selected retailers soon.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

So word on the street is Lil Wayne's Carter III was supposed to be out last October, then was pushed back to December, and now, it will release March 18th (Though I haven't heard any leakage on it before today, or word of mouth from my source). I am pretty sure I along with everyone else had Da Drought is ova Volume 4 bumping in my disc changer before it even dropped. Well, his new album features new single 'Lollipop', which starts off with recycled lyrics he used in the Swiss Beatz It's me Bitchs Remix. I guess the line "He so sweet make her wanna lick the rapper, so I let her lick the rapper" motivated him to kick an entire song using the lollipop analogy. The video will premiere on BET tomorrow March 12th, but we have a minor leak below, and if you know Wayne, you know the shit bangs.

This August Victoria Beckham will be introducing a line of men's denim, which is set to go on sale for around $250 a pair. The jeans are loosely designed, with inspiration coming from how her hubby David Beckham prefers to wear his. "I didn't want anything too tight around the crotch," she states to DNR, "That really repulses me"; but anorexia doesn't? Thank you and good day.

Beginning June 7th until June 29th sixteen of the best Eurpean football teams will go head to head in Austria and Switzerland. In Support of the Germany team, Adidas has created a Euro Gazelle II pack for 2008. A pair will release for the current Germany team, and another pair showing respect to West Germany who won the European Championship in 1980. Via Life

Monday, March 10, 2008

Nike has released another edition to the Asia Exclusive Olympic Gold series, the Nike Air Max 1 BT 1984 Olympic High Jump. This pair was inspired by the first Chinese High Jump Winner Zhu Jianhua. The white, and varsity red kicks feature a silhouette of the Olympian at the heel of the shoe, and his name printed underneath. They are available through Kix-Files online store.

And, once again it's on! Stussy has launched their Destiny collection, which is endorsed by Futura. The series consist of Stussy throwback T-Shirts, sweatshirts, and jackets with streamlining Futura's artwork. The pieces are set to drop worldwide very very soon.