Friday, February 1, 2008


State your name and the city you're RepN?

*Born: Amiel Brandon Cortez, pseudoalias= Hiprockr, Millions, Asata One, Aim


Streetwear Designer. Freelance Illustrator. Product Placement and Stylism. Marketing and LMTD West Coast Sales. Research and Development. Millionaire's in Disguise. RPM- Raw Power Moves. Demolition Lover. Creative Consultant. 1 Man Army

Top three labels you stand by?

*Emortal Brand- The Worlds Most Dangerous: LA
*Live Mechanics- Well Established: LA NY TKYO LNDN

Your style in a nutshell?

*TASTE MAKER- Nuff Said!"Im mister this aint out yet"- K.West Im a mash up of influences, heavy japanese street tendencies, blended with a los angeles spirit, creating style on ice, smoothed out with optical luxurys, rockin fly kicks, producing a swag and a smerk. Catch me if you can.

What magazines on the shelf today do you feel best represent street culture?

*Samurai, Beautiful Decay, Tokion

Trends you wish would die?

*Sean John biting 10 Deep. LRG Biting Live Mechanics. Chicks with Dicks!

Favorite sneaker brand(s)?

*Supra, Supra, Supra, Supra

Since we already know EMORTAL and what you're about, what can consumers expect from the label in 2008?

* I cant leak my assassins creed, but in 08' we takin the cake. Emortal is in fast forward mode creating a new collection set to release at Magic Show in August. This February's Magic we will be in attendance but not taking orders at the moment, we at Emortal have decided to make our dreams a reality, thus we have planted seeds to grow a new entity providing taste makers true shine.

*I cant leak the drop. Nevertheless, just stay tuned to the site and wordpress blog to receive all the updates im speaking of. We got the future up our sleeves. In 08'the riots raise up their fists felt like a force of another creation.

Any Big movements? Collaborations?

*Yes, but if I speak of such, my superstitious mindset might play a jinx on my endeavors. Zippppppp.... mouth shut.Big Things Poppin' Show n' Provepeep the Live Mechanics blog section to see for yourself.

Lastly, Lyrical motivation, who's in your Ipod?

*Da Bush Babies, Lupe Fiasco, Kenna, Shy FX, Killa Kela, Million $ Mano, Radiohead, Arctic Monkeys, M.I.A., Pendulum, Blackstar, Flying Lotus, Stones Throw, Sound In Color, Dead Prez, Bambu, Sol' Illaquists of Sound, Eek A Mouse, General Mallice, DJ Craze, Rye Rye.