Friday, February 8, 2008


Myspace : Henrique

State your name and the city you're RepN?

MY name Henrique..aka henry.. LA


Stylist/waiter/and striper by night ... JK

Top three designers you stand by?

My three designers...Love Andrew Maquenci..Desil..And a ton Of LA street designers

Your style in a nutshell?

style some good jeans.. and a hanes t shirt would be ideal...but i dress according to my mood..Always try to keep is funky flashy i alwayzz stay Ceeje

Best magazine(s) on the shelf today?

Best Magazine..Trace Magazine..has soo much FLAVA
Trends you wish would die?

Honestly i dont wish any trend would die...Express yourself...

Favorite sneaker brand(s)?

Favorite sneakers..addidas..

Gagdet you can't roll without?

Fav cell

Favorite stores?

Love thrift stores...ill make old vintage look fresssshhh

Who do you feel on the red carpet needs to hire a new stylist?

Lil kim..she need to learn from Miss Mary J....Stop all that video chick look...

Lastly, Wendy Williams or Bossip?

Wendy williams...she is DEVINE!!!!