Friday, January 11, 2008


State your name and the city you’re REPN’?
Jesse Zorski Jew York City/EST Pride

Graphic designer, freelance whore, cut and sew on the go-go.

Top three labels you stand by?
FCKNG AWSM, Mishka, Flying Coffin (Firmament)

Most expensive piece of clothing you've purchased?
Probably some Nom de Guerre peacoat...which is now too small.

Favorite sneaker brand?
Nike, Greedy Genius

Online or in the store?
Local boutique with an online store.

You’re style in a nutshell?
Layers, pants that are probably too tight, scarves, necklaces, fitteds, and kicks.

Who do you feel on the scene right now, should hire another stylist?
Anyone who works at a big fashion house. The big fashion houses with all their millions of dollars, years of schooling, with tons of experience and connections cannot compare to the unfuckingbelievable vision of a man with a pair of scissors still working in his basement.

Gadget you can’t live without?
My PC.

Trend(s) you wish would die?
Kids camping outside of stores for days. But that's the nature of the beast.

Lastly … Give us a brief of who’s in your Ipod?
Slayer, TalibKweli, Mos DefDJ, Vibe and Max BarbariaBlack SabbathJohn ColtraneThelonious MonkWu Tang Clan

Keep doing it big!